Social Media in Politics Review

Social media impact on our future

Twitter Is 10 Years Old!

Twitter's 10th Birthday

Let the social media world rejoice! Twitter has passed the decade mark. What began as one of those ‘why would anyone want that’ ideas has become a social media powerhouse that has changed communications over and over again. Even if the founder Jack Dorsey couldn’t clearly see the big picture of what Twitter would eventually be, he at least knew it had great potential. In its beginning Twitter, or twttr.. Read More

Social Media Psychology

Social media is almost an oxymoron. What is described as social is actually causing less and less face to face social interaction, which should be the foundation of social society. Before the advent of internet social media, the term ‘social’ would conjure up images of an active party or the fellow at work who gets along with everyone and always seems to be leading a group conversation. Our concept of.. Read More

Social Media’s Influence in Politics

Social media is an ever growing segment of Internet usage, but that’s not surprising. Humans, as social beings, will take whatever media is available and utilize it as a social platform. Politicians throughout the centuries have endeavored to maximize the need for social interaction in order to get elected and then maintain their elected position. So politicians and ideologues alike are using the Internet to unprecedented levels to gain followers.. Read More